Óbidos is located about 80 kilometres north of Lisbon.

By Car
For those travelling from the South, the best way is to take the A8 motorway in the direction “North” and take the first exit to “Óbidos” (Exit 15).
For those travelling from the North, coming on the A8, you should take the second exit to “Óbidos”.
For those coming from the interior of the country, on the A15 motorway (starting in Santarém), you should then take the A8 in the direction “South” and take the first exit to “Óbidos”.
Via the national road, access to the village is via the National Road 8.

By Bus
Óbidos is served by the bus company Rodoviária do Oeste.
The bus stop is located just 100 meters from the historic centre, making this an excellent alternative to visit Óbidos. There are dozens of daily connections between Lisbon and Óbidos, for example.
For more information about buses and timetables, please logon to the following website: .

By Train
Rail transportation is another alternative for those who wish to visit the town.
If you choose this mean of transport and are coming from the South, take the West line (about two and a half hours between Lisbon and Óbidos). The same is true if coming from the North: Take the West line (passing through Figueira da Foz or Coimbra B towards Leiria and then Óbidos).
Óbidos train station is located about 1 km from the historic centre.
For more information about trains and schedules, please visit the .

Where to park
Arriving in Óbidos, there are several car parks, properly signalled, on the outside of the Historic Centre. Three of these Parks are paid (the paved parks next to the Tourist Office) and the Park next to the Aqueduct, presently managed by the Firefighters of the Municipality of Óbidos.

Getting around the Municipality of Óbidos
OBI – Óbidos Local Transport
For more information and timetables, please see:

They work 24 hours a day and are available at the entrance of the town gate of Óbidos, in a duly signposted area. If no cabs are available, you may also request one by calling one of our local taxi drivers:
Arlindo Cordeiro Nunes (+351) 919 941 421
Cândido Domingos (+351) 919 343 455 / (+351) 963 053 455
Daniel Leitão (+351) 964 807 539
João Paulo Silva: (+351) 917 520 420