We want your visit to Óbidos to be as safe as possible. To this end, we have implemented a set of measures that aim to offer an environment of trust in Óbidos as a tourist destination.

Upon reaching the town of Óbidos, you will find a platform with a map next to the town main entrance (Porta da Vila), where walking routes within the walled area are suggested, with defined directions of circulation, in order to avoid the crossing between people.

In addition to these maps, the following measures were also taken:

  • Placement of automatic alcohol gel dispensers and automatic dispensers of protective masks in various locations in the town;
  • Implementation of a counting system, in real time, which indicates the number of people circulating inside the walls, a system that is monitored by the Civil Protection and GNR services (National Guard) and which aims to limit the access to a maximum of 875 people in town simultaneoulsy;
  • The maximum occupancy limit for the car parks was defined according to the number of people in circulation in the town of Óbidos, with a limit of 250 vehicles;
  • Reinforced signs and information panels with awareness and preventive measures;
  • Awareness campaigns have been carried out on the use of a protective mask.

Óbidos awaits you!